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Reliving Mika

When my family found Reliv in fall of 2012, I was suffering from chronic ear and neck pain caused by work injury in 2006 (Acoustic Shock Injury). The pain and suffering from the auditory nerve damage and joint/muscle pain was beyond imagination. After going to more than 30 doctors, and trying many medications, supplements and other alternative treatments for six and half years, we started to lose hope. I spent many days in bed, eventually lost my job, and applied for disability.

After three to four months of being on Reliv products, I started to have less and less pain, and I was able to do many things that I couldn't do before. My neurologist (exceptionally brilliant and caring) was so amazed with my recovery and encouraged to continue with the products. My whole family is on Reliv, and every one of us has had great results.

In April 2015 my 76 year old mother was not doing well. She had been diagnosed with colon cancer and was disabled and weak. She is doing much better because someone shared the hope of Reliv with me. She has been taking Reliv nutrition and is experiencing great results. Today, she has more energy, sleeps better, her body is strengthening and she is healthier.

The products were based on scientific research, had strict controls regarding purity and safety, and came with a money-back guarantee for retail customers. Even the business opportunity came with a 90 percent money-back guarantee. For a company to remain profitable this long, it must be doing something right. We decided to joined the company.

We have found the rewards of Reliv to be many - the opportunity for financial freedom and complete control over our time, improved health, a chance to be part of something bigger than ourselves and what we call 'paychecks of the heart' - passing on the blessing we have found in this business to others and seeing it transform their lives.

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